The Normal Map Generator is currently in the programming/testing phase.

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The Normal Map Generator is a free, Open Source, Graphical User Interface (GUI) based program that can be used to generate Normal Maps for use in video games or 3D rendering in general. The Normal Map Generator was created using Qt, this means that it is portable to many operating systems. Binaries will be provided for Windows and Linux, however Mac binaries can be compiled from the source code. 

The Normal Map Generator is unique because it provides a layer based system for blending several normal maps together. Want a normal map for cracked bricks? Just add a layer containing your brick height or normal map, and add another layer containing your crack height or normal map above the first. Then blend them together using the "Additive Blend" mode, and you have a normal map for cracked bricks.

The Normal Map generator also provides several methods for generating the normal maps that will be contained in your layers. Normal Maps can be obtained from Height Maps, RGB Images (Automatically Grayscaled), Preexisting Normal Maps, Images Lit from Four Directions, and from other normal maps in your current project.

User Interface

The normal map list is the main hub of the program. It allows you to view all the normal maps in your current project. At this window you can save your project, load projects, add/remove normal maps, edit normal maps, save individual normal maps, or generate all your normal maps at once.

The Normal Map editor window is where you can tweak your normal map and blend together your layers. The left side of the window is made up of a list of all your current layers, and all the layer options. You can add/remove layers, move layers up/down, or preview a collection of layers or preview all layers at once. The right side of the window contains the options for the entire normal map at the top, and options specific to the current layer lower down. These options will vary depending on whether your layer is being generated from a height map, a normal map, four images lit from different directions, or from another normal map in your project.

Normal Map Generation Methods

Height Map or RBG Image

 Images Lit from Four Directions

 This method takes four images lit from different directions and combines them into one normal map. Similar to the method described here only automated and the resulting normal map is mathematically correct.

Preexisting Normal Map

This method just fills a layer with a normal map you have already generated.

Normal Map From Generator

Similar to the last method, this method just fills a layer with another normal map from your current project.

Release Notes

The Normal Map Generator has not been released yet.

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